E46 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement: Tools & Parts

This is just a short post about all the tools needed to do an E46 valve cover gasket replacement. In this post you’ll find all the tools necessary to do a VCG repair from AtoZ.

E46 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement: Tools & Parts


Flat Head Screwdriver
Socket Wrench
8mm Socket
10mm Socket
T30 Torx Bit and Driver
Spark Plug Socket

Suggested Optional

3/8” and 1/4” Socket Sets with Extensions
Torque Wrench capable of 7.5ft.lbs
Plastic Gloves
Protective Towel (leaning against side panel)
High-temp Gasket Sealant
Flashlight and Batteries
Multiple Containers (storing all small parts)
Phillips Head Screwdriver


Valve Cover Gasket Kit

(1) 11 12 9 070 990 or 11 12 0 030 496 Valve Cover Gasket Set

E46 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
Part #16 – set of profile gaskets

Valve Cover Grommets

(15) 11 12 1 726 537 or 11 12 1 437 395 Valve Cover Bolt Rubber Seals

Because these are also well known for leaking it is recommended they be changed when the VCG is replaced. Here’s a link to the post about the E46 valve cover grommets.

e46 valve cover grommets
Part #7

Gasket Sealant

Permatex® High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Gasket
The BMW factory manuals recommend adding some sealant to some leak-prone sections of the cylinder head.

E46 valve cover sealant rtv red
Apply as displayed

Estimated Project Time:

2-3.5 hours

Based on my research and what other online DIY resources said.

If you’re doing this project for the first time, there are plenty of useful diy videos and articles on BMW VCG repairs.

Even though these tools are specific to the E46 chassis, a lot of these tools with apply to other chassis models as well. As far as the parts those will be different, I recommend you use realoem.com to find the correct parts for your BMW model.


Now that you have the right tools and parts to do an E46 valve cover replacement, go ahead and get the parts ordered or go to the parts store to get your BMW back on the road. It’s really an simple project that could safe you between $500-600 by doing-it-yourself. And you probably won’t spend more than $100 on parts, if you already have most of these tools.

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